Ruby Wedding At Fenwick Hotel

Liz and Jim married in 1975, before any of the Jiggered team were born! Although we weren’t able to play at the wedding all those years ago, we were delighted to play at their 40th anniversary party at the superb Fenwick Hotel.

Star of the show was wee grand-daughter Freyja who danced all night and looks destined for a future in drumming, much to her parents’ excitment! I went to school with Freyja’s mum, Sarah, and it was nice to catch up. Sarah’s married to a Physics teacher (but don’t hold that against him)! In fact, to disprove allegations of a Maths/Physics divide, here’s the link to his textbook available to purchase on Amazon: Higher Physics Success Guide!

Liz was over the moon that we were able to play for them and told us that over and over. It was a pleasure to play for the happy couple and celebrate 40 years…as Emma said “here’s to many more”.

Oh, top notch truffles…