Jiggered At Glasgow's Oran Mor

If you don’t already know, Oran Mor is bang in the middle of Glasgow’s West End. Jiggered have played there a few times and it’s got lots of great points in addition to its prime location: a grand function room for weddings with fab viewing balcony, a young team of tartan-wearing staff who do a really slick job, quality buffet…

…however, if you’re the band playing there you have to find somewhere to park, then get the heavy sound gear and drum kit from your parking spot to the venue, next it’s down a wee alley that’s a couple of hundred metres long, then into the building round to the lift which brings you out at the kitchen, navigate your way past the waiters and kitchen crew and you’re in the room. It’s a good workout. You should see my biceps this morning. They’re not any bigger than usual. I just always recommend folk to see my biceps!

Alison and William had booked us for their wedding and asked if we’d be able to play Rhianna’s “We Found Love” for their second dance- how many ceilidh bands would be able to accommodate that request? We did our version of that with Jenny belting out the song brilliantly (so much so we did it again at the end of our set).


During the night we enjoyed Pick n Mix- always a highlight for us (flying saucers, yum). Ewan got all “Alan Partridge” suggesting he’s going to start bringing large dinner plates to ceilidhs so he can take as much as possible at buffet time!


The crowd were great. We wish Mr and Mrs Reid all the best.