Jiggered Play Aberdeen Wedding

Ardoe House in Aberdeen is a stunning venue- we’ve enjoyed playing there in 2011 and 2012 and we have another wedding booked up for 2013 too! On this occasion it was the turn of Nicola and JD tying the knot- a very braw looking couple who were absolutely charming. They were so relaxed and grateful for our ceilidh expertise! They kicked off the evening with a Grand March- I’m still confused by that dance (thanks to the Ardoe House staff who positioned themselves round the dancefloor to help everything run smoothly!).

We were an hour early (not surprising, given that Jiggered Ceilidh Band have two record-holding sprinters in Jenny and Susan) and the ceilidh started an hour late so we had plenty of time to stock up on the wedding pick and mix which gave us the sugar rush we needed to stay awake on the long journey back home!

A wee word of warning…make sure you empty your piggy bank before taking a trip. Dining there can be expensive: Ewan ordered fancy chicken nuggets that cost him £7 and you can order a 25ml Cognac for £120!!