Wedding At Crear

This was Jiggered Ceilidh Band‘s 9th visit to Crear for a wedding since 2010. The journey up is always an adventure and this week was no exception…First, we watched an out-of-control customer at Dumbarton unleash a string of expolsives in the direction of a stunned  motorcyclist (much to the disgust of everyone else on the forecourt!). On the way, we picked Jenny up at Inverary (she’d spent the day there and even ventured onto the famous dodgems which feature some rather risque artwork- if you’ve passed that way before you’ll know what I mean!). Finally on the final 15mile single track road to Crear we met a few vehicles coming in the other direction, including the caterers from the wedding!

The wedding was running slightly ahead of schedule despite a minor bus-related complication. We arrived in plenty of time and offered to shift our sets forward which seemed to work well at the start and end of the evening. The bride and groom were relaxed and smiling (they chose “Better Together” for their first dance). The crowd were young, enthusiastic and appreciative (one of our best ever at Crear). Wendy and her team looked after us really well.

At the end of the evening, groom Gordon said “I knew from your website that you’d be good but you’ve exceeded all our expectations”. Nice!