Jiggered Ceilidh Band In Bath

No need to sheild your eyes. In case you were worried you were about to read about the four of us singing alongside our rubber ducks with only bubbles to maintain our dignity, there is no cause for alarm. The Bath we were performing in was the beautiful city in the south of England. David hear us way back in 2007 and was keen to have us play at his daughter’s wedding. We were only too pleased to help out!

Some Jiggered demo tracks were played during the service while we made our way down from our previous gig in Harrogate (via two Travelodge stops- only one that was intentional). And David had really bigged us up to the guests as the best ceilidh band in Scotland! While this was happening we were enjoying good food in the sun in Bath and Emma and I took over a piano in the city centre and entertained the crowds for twenty minutes or so…Susan even joined in for one final song!

The wedding, again, had many English guests ceilidhing for the first time but they were excellent. Really keen, quick learners and enthusiastic. Another great wedding- we wish Phil and Suzanne all the best for the future!

Our journey home was smooth- with Emma reviving childhood memories with her soon-to-be-patented-guess-the-theme-tune style gameshow. As driver I got to call the shots on comfort breaks on the way home. One five minute stop was all I allowed as we got back to Susan’s for 2pm.

A long weekend but so much fun. These guys are the best- of you’re planning a musical roadtrip I’d highly recommend them!