Jiggered Ceilidh Band In England

Roadtrip Part 1:
Jiggered started our weekend-long roadtrip at Susan’s house. Packing a full drum kit, two large speakers, a piano, guitar, violin, mic stands, speaker stands, cables, luggage and the four of us into a single car was a wee bit like the space-defying trickery performed by those “ship in a bottle” guys!

The journey down was pretty good- Susan had lined us up with easy listening (!) to keep us entertained/educated/awake. 

Andrew and Rachel’s wedding was in Harrogate. The Old Swan Hotel, to be precise. The venue was really nice, with the reception room being beautifully decorated. Things were running slightly behind schedule so the first dance actually happened AFTER the buffet! Once we got up and running though it was a brilliant ceilidh with a crowd who defied their inexperience and impressed us…we had lots of compliments from guests who’d become Jiggered fans during the night. And the bride and groom seemed pretty pleased too. Here’s just a snippet of an email we got from them later:

“Just a quick message to thank you guys so much for the amazing ceilidh last night at our wedding! Thank you again for holding the fort for us while we were away having pictures; sorry we ended up starting so late! So many of our guests commented on how amazing you were…”

A fun gig and we established unequivocally that if you were going to describe Ewan as a colour that colour would be… “flambouyant”!