Jiggered Celebrate 2009


Jiggered Ceilidh Band have had a phenomenal 2009. It’s been our busiest year yet. Perhaps we should treat ourselves to a “Ceilidh Lager” by William Bros. It’s on a shortlist of 15 beers in Sainsbury’s 2009 Beer Competition!

During the epic year that was 2009:

-we launched our new website (thanks to the guys at Atomised for this- it’s generating lots of business for us)
-we made a few important gear purchases (including a new mixer and our cool banner stands)
-we travelled to London for a gig (great roadtrip)
-we were asked to play in France (twice) and the USA (maybe in 2010)
-we introduced some new tunes (that have gone down well with our fans)

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy my Ceilidh Lager!!