Snow for Hogmanay


In the final ceilidh of 2009, Jiggered Ceilidh Band travelled to Cumbernauld through lots of snow to play our Hogmanay gig at Craighalbert (great to be back with our friends and fans there). The end of the gig saw lots of car-pushing as the temperature was MINUS EIGHT and the snow was thick.

Ewan brought his antipodean pal Jaunty to the ceilidh. It was Jaunty’s first ceilidh and he loved it but said it had a lot of similarities to bush dances in Australia (we’re considering changing our name to Jiggered Bush Band)! Jaunty asked us where the word “Hogmanay” came from. It seemed embarrassing that we didn’t know but neither does Wikipedia which makes me feel slightly better!

Anyway, looking forward to more gigging in 2010!