Jiggered In St Andrews For Wedding

Last night we headed over to St Andrews for our latest gig, this time a wedding at the luxury country house hotel, Rufflets. Jenny and I had a heated (if pointless) debate as we waited in the foyer. The source of our disagreement? Pronounciation of the word “pork”. I’d say it “poark” and she’d say it “pawrk”. We asked the waiter if he could settle the matter but he couldn’t tell any difference between each version. The argument went on and on all night and will probably irreparably ruin our 12 year friendship…

Once in St Andrews, Jenny texted Ewan to say we’d arrived. Ewan texted back, pretending he didn’t know we had a ceilidh, claiming he was in a Glasgow cinema. A few texts and phonecalls keeping up the windup had Jenny in a serious panic. When Ewan popped out finally, Jenny didn’t know whether to wring his neck in frustration or hug him with relief!

The wedding kicked off with bride Jenny’s choice of “Talking Heads” Nothing but Flowers…The whole wedding party seemed to absolutely love this and it was great to watch the smiles on their faces! The ceilidh went well after that…we stopped just before 9.45pm for the buffet (our first ever 100{fb628cf067848a71249f318e65f7adf996f7104d757aefc188f244d067f2252c} vegetarian buffet!).

Following last week’s adventure, you’ll be glad to hear we made it home avoiding ditches and hitches!