Wedding Weekend

Every year, Jiggered Ceilidh Band perform at a variety of events….fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries, party nights, St Andrews/Burns Nights, student functions to name just some. But mostly we’re doing weddings these days. I guess it is our speciality and we do really love playing for brides and grooms all over the UK.

Take this weekend:

Friday night we were in Kilbirnie’s luxurious Moorpark Hotel for Amy and Andrew’s wedding (Susan had played violin at the ceremony earlier in the day). A lovely, young, enthusiastic couple with a load of talented and appreciative guests many of whom are musicians themselves…A bowl of roll for the buffet with ketchup if you have the necessary contacts. A great evening.

Saturday night we were in Glasgow’s St Silas for Rosie and Mitchum’s wedding. We know Rosie from our Strathclyde days (in fact, 75{fb628cf067848a71249f318e65f7adf996f7104d757aefc188f244d067f2252c} of Jiggered went to Romania in 2002 with Rosie helping to build houses for poor people) and it was a pleasure to play for her in front of a packed St Silas. The buffet here was cheese and cake. And by cake I mean more types of cake than I have ever seen in one place at the same time- I went for the lemon curd cake and it was yummy. Loads of familiar faces made it a real fun evening and as you’ll see from the blog photo we recruited a new advertising guy!

Getting married and need a ceilidh band? Look no further than Jiggered!