New Lanark Mill Hotel Wedding

This was a weekend of “sound limiters”. Both St Andrews in the Square and New Lanark Mill Hotel have sound limiting systems to control the volume for their neighbours. These can be tricky to play alongside but we’re pretty experienced and judging by the end-of-ceillidh-reactions after both our latest weddings, we’ve mastered the art of getting the most of these systems, avoiding the awkward power-cuts!

Hamish and Jen booked us up for their wedding at New Lanark. After negotiating the four flights of stairs with the sound gear, we were excited to play for this music-loving couple (they had musical icing around their wedding cake) and their keen-to-sing-along guests (who would join in whenever we did any Scottish song or cover)!

Now it’s a weekend off for JiGGered before a particularly hectic spell- remember you can come see us on Saturday 26th August in Glasgow’s George Square at Creation Fest (we’re on the main stage at 6pm) or on Saturday 2nd September at Scotland’s Exclusive Wedding Event!