Off to Aberdeen (again) for Jiggered


The 5* Marcliffe Hotel was the location for Jiggered Ceilidh Band‘s latest Aberdeen domination! We’ve been playing lots up Aberdeen way. This wedding was another cracker. If I’m being honest alarm bells began ringing when the English best man announced “Not too sure about these skirts but I’m looking forward to the barn dance later”…Thankfully those in skirts (i.e. kilts) were not the only ones really up for an evening of barn dance (ceilidh). The floor was packed with guys and girls all night!

The first dance was performed by a young guest with a really cute voice.

Nice to see one or two unexpectedly familiar faces in the crowd (expecially the Bryces!). And I was even asked for my autograph. That’s a first.The buffet (choice of stovies or fish and chips) was amazing and we were over the moon that the ice cream stall was set up right next to the band. Yum!!

At special request from the bride and groom we threw in a wee bit of Mumford and Son’s “I will wait” into the Eightsome Reel. Hopefully it will become a more regular part of the Jiggered repertoire!

Home by 3am. Easy 🙂