Road Trip to Norfolk!

Why should Scotland get exclusivity on Jiggered Ceilidh Band‘s music?! This weekend we went on a roadtrip down to Norfolk for James and Janine’s wedding. We were playing in The Red Barn which is a fantastic venue that has belonged to owner Richard’s family for decades but in recent time has been transformed from a storage facility for machinery to an exclusive wedding venue.

Earlier in 2013, we played at Elaine and Alan’s wedding way up in Aberdeen (incidentally, the prize from our amazing competition from that wedding has still to be won). Elaine and Janine are sisters and it was lovely to be able to play at both their weddings in the same year! And the family have looked after us incredibly at both events.

The road trip down was fun. Weird conversations (about food families and neon fashion to name just two). Stand in fiddler Claire appeared to suffer from food tourettes but this appeared to be a temporary condition. We were treated to a three course meal when we arrived at the venue…yum. The ceilidh was brilliant- the crowd were loving it and we had a blast. Oooh la la.

I got my photo taken with Dick from “Dick and Dom”. Actually this guest was just a taller lookalike but the resemblance was striking!

Glad to say we survived our evening in Spalding afterwards (Ewan, in particular, was excited that there was a “Gap” store right next to our Travel Lodge!). The journey home was smooth as Emma”I can sleep through anything” Brockett will testify.

Apologies to the band who will have been expecting some Norfolk punnery. I chickened out.